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Mel Bay Publications, Inc Sheet Music Ukulele's too Mel Bay represents the best in music education and instruction along with great classical, jazz, Celtic music and more for all instruments. Renowned for guitar pedagogy, Mel Bay himself founded the company in 1947 with The Orchestral Chord System for Guitar, and after years of promoting his guitar books claimed to have known virtually every guitar teacher in America on a first name basis! Today, sales of Mel's Modern Guitar Method series are estimated to be well in excess of 20 million copies and established the structure for modern guitar education

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10 A Nuts and Bolts Approach to Ear Training for the Guitarist DVD 1

A Nuts and Bolts Approach to Ear Training for the Guitarist DVD

A Nuts and Bolts Approach to Ear Training for the Guitarist (DVD) GW1035 taught by Rolly Brown Rolly Brown leads you through a series of lessons designed particularly to help guitarists hear, understand, and learn guitar music. The emphasis here is on hearing and identifying sound, with only the bare minimum of music theory information required to help you organize sound into understandable patterns. Included are quizzes and exercises about some very basic scales and melodies, then on to some chords and chord progressions. These give you ample opportunity to test your listening skills on the included ...more


10 Francisco Tarrega for Ukulele (Book) 1

Francisco Tarrega for Ukulele (Book)

Francisco Tarrega (November 21, 1852 - December 15, 1909) was a Spanish composer, guitar virtuoso and one of the world's foremost classic guitar teachers. His guitar compositions are staples of classic guitar concert repertoire and are renown for their beauty and guitaristic nature. In this book I arranged 30 preludes from Tarrega's brilliant concert repertoire. Among the pieces contained are Lagrima and Endecha a Oremus. Other selections include his beautiful Gran Vals and his brilliant Recuerdos de


10 Music of Django Reinhardt 1

Music of Django Reinhardt

Music of Django Reinhardt (Book) 97021 by Stan Ayeroff The solos of Django Reinhardt are an endless source of inspiration and amazement for any musician. In this exciting book, the author has compiled precise solo transcriptions (in notation only), as well as a thorough analysis of each. There is also a complete "how to" section that is like a book in itself. This book contains some of Django's best work. It covers a period of 17 years, from Django's first trio and quintet recordings to one of his last bop-influenced sessions, "Live at the Club S ...


10 Rhythm Encyclopedia (eBook + Online Audio) 0

Rhythm Encyclopedia (eBook + Online Audio)

The Rhythm Encyclopedia is a collection of 6,561 different rhythms written in notation that can be used for drum set, conga, djembe, cajon, and any other drum that has a high tone and a low tone. It will provide many hours of practice for developing stick and foot independence for drum set drummers and hand independence for hand drummers. An invaluable resource for finding interesting and varied rhythms to add to your playing repertoire.