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5 Children's Ukulele Chord Book 1

Children's Ukulele Chord Book

Children's Ukulele Chord Book Children's Ukulele Chord Book (Book) Best Seller 21503 by Drew Andrews Finally! A chord book written for the young beginner (or even beginners of any age) showing a creative and simple way to learn and play ukulele chords. Chords are taught beginning with the most essential to more advanced. Chords are presented with exercises that build upon each other and eventually lead the student to playing logical and common chord progressions. Chords are shown in chord diagram form with photographs showing finger positions in relationship to the fretboard. Examples and exercises are pre Product Number: 21503 Format: Book Difficulty: Beginning Pages: 24 Binding: SS Size: 8.75 x 11.75 ISBN: 0-7866-7616-7 UPC: 796279103473 ISBN13: 978-0-78667-616-3 Series: None Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Date Published: 10/21/2008


10 Music of Django Reinhardt 1

Music of Django Reinhardt

Music of Django Reinhardt (Book) 97021 by Stan Ayeroff The solos of Django Reinhardt are an endless source of inspiration and amazement for any musician. In this exciting book, the author has compiled precise solo transcriptions (in notation only), as well as a thorough analysis of each. There is also a complete "how to" section that is like a book in itself. This book contains some of Django's best work. It covers a period of 17 years, from Django's first trio and quintet recordings to one of his last bop-influenced sessions, "Live at the Club S ...


5 Ukulele Bluegrass Solos (Book) 1

Ukulele Bluegrass Solos (Book)

Ukulele Bluegrass Solos (Book) 22203 by Ondrej Sarek The ukulele has had a place in American acoustic music for decades; recently, however, interest in the instrument has surged. Historically overlooked by traditional bluegrass groups, the ukulele - an indispensable component of many newgrass bands - is becoming increasingly featured in bluegrass-at-large, often performing the roles traditionally associated with the mandolin. Ukulele Bluegrass Solos will teach you how to use the uke in any bluegrass setting. It demonstrates a variety of roles for the uke, pre ...more Product Number: 22203 Format: Book Difficulty: Multiple Levels Pages: 28 Binding: SS Size: 8.75 x 11.75 ISBN: 0-7866-8296-5 UPC: 796279111768 ISBN13: 978-0-78668-296-6 Series: None Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Date Published: 2/24/2011


5 Ukulele Duets (Mel Bay Book/CD Set) by Joe Car 1

Ukulele Duets (Mel Bay Book/CD Set) by Joe Car

Ukulele Duets Ukulele Duets (Book/CD Set) 30096BCD by Joe Carr This book and accompanying audio include 21 beautiful songs, old-time tunes and Christmas melodies arranged as duets for two ukuleles. The individual parts are single note melodies designed to allow players of all skill levels to play together. The pieces are arranged so the first ukulele plays the melody and the second ukulele plays the harmony above it. Regardless of your previous experience, these arrangements, even played at slow tempos, will produce an attractive full sound. Specs Description Contents Samples